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Dr. Steven Kelder is not just an expert in children’s health but also one of the original creators of CATCH. He’s a distinguished professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, known as UTHealth Houston. There, he works in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Science. He also contributes his expertise to the Austin Regional Campus at the School of Public Health.

Dr. Kelder is known globally for his child health public health work in several fields. He focuses on preventing vaping and controlling tobacco use. He’s also an expert in promoting good oral health, physical activity, and nutrition education.

He’s led the development of several programs under CATCH. These include CATCH My Breath, CATCH Healthy Smiles, CATCH Middle School, CATCH Early Childhood, and CATCH After School programs.

Beyond this, Dr. Kelder served as an editor of the 2016 Surgeon General Report on Youth Vaping and the 2012 Institute of Medicine Report on Child Obesity. He also led the creation of the CDC School Health Index. This is a tool that helps evaluate health programs and policies in schools.

In his role as a board member, he provides scientific supervision and helps develop and update the curriculum. He also connects the Foundation and UTHealth.