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This Back to School season, you’re invited to join CATCH’s Good Health Feels Good Campaign, an initiative to raise $10,000 to help CATCH provide Health Equity programs addressing physical, emotional and mental health to under-resourced schools across the U.S.

To achieve Health Equity in our schools, it’s essential that we create environments where all kids have the resources they need to reach their full health potential. Providing population-wide education to all youth about the healthy behaviors needed to feel good physically, emotionally and mentally is the foundation on which lasting good health is built.

Through our CATCH Promise program, CATCH provides under-resourced schools across the U.S. with the full-spectrum of training, support and resources needed to make positive environmental changes within their school campus.

(To learn more about districts where CATCH Promise is having a big impact, like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Edinburg, TX, check out CATCH’s Spotlight Pages!)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenging circumstances for our schools, our educators, and our youth. At CATCH, our mission is to empower schools to cultivate Whole Child wellness as a lever for student success and social equity.

We do this by making health fun and easy to access, especially for schools that need extra guidance and support.


Funds raised through the Good Health Feels Good Campaign will support CATCH Global Foundation's goal of reaching underserved school campuses with Health Equity resources in the 2022-23 school year, and we need your help to make it happen!

It's All Good
Good Health

CATCH programs are proven to reduce childhood obesity and overweight by 9 percent, increasing overall physical health.

Good Grades

Studies show that students who are physically active in school are more likely to perform better academically.

Good Feelings

24% more students would show improved social skills and reduced stress, if given access to SEL in school.

Please consider joining the Good Health Feels Good campaign by taking one (or all!) of the following actions:


A donation of $25 will help us reach 12 kids with Health Equity programs. A donation of $250 will help us reach 125 kids with Health Equity programs!



Help us spread the word about the campaign by sharing on social media and with your networks. Use any or all of the sample messages below!



Join the team and launch your own fundraiser for the campaign using our online template and toolkit with tips and assets to help you succeed.



Help us make good health go viral and raise money to support CATCH Global Foundation’s K-12 Whole Child health equity programs!

Financial Transparency

CATCH Global Foundation supports financial transparency and privacy for all of our donors.


Thank you!

As a nonprofit organization, CATCH Global Foundation relies on the support of our donors and partners to be able to provide low-cost Whole Child health programs to schools across the world. 

We thank you for your support, and we hope you will join us in our goal to boost the mental, physical, and emotional health of children so they can lead healthier, happier lives!


Questions about the campaign or about how you or your business could further support CATCH? Contact Sarah Andrews, Director of Development at [email protected] to learn about sponsorship opportunities and other ways to get involved.