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May 16, 2016

We’re excited to celebrate and highlight Guymon Junior High school and the sensational work the administration and teachers are doing to implement the CATCH curriculum in Guymon, Oklahoma. In their final week of the school year, we recognize there’s a lot to be proud of in just five short months – from both the students and teachers — check out some of the highlights below!

According to Michelle Davis, PE/Health teacher and Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Guymon Junior High, the teachers have been incorporating all elements of the CATCH box into daily activities since January, including:  frisbee, dodge ball, parachute games and jump-rope centers (most of the students favorite activities). She also admits, “It’s working!” In just five months, Michelle says that the kids “truly know what the word CATCH is and they know it’s just part of the routine at school.”


On any given day, Michelle explains that each PE class begins with a “walk and talk” – a few minutes at the beginning of class to walk around the gym or track; it’s a moment which energizes the students and in her words “an awesome moment for the teachers to get organized with all students, prepare for warm-up activities and most importantly, gets the kids moving from the moment they walk through the door.”

“It’s wonderful to see all of those skills working together in the PE class. The kids are having fun, being active and learning alongside their classmates.”

Right now, they are in the middle of the “frisbee unit,” and as Michelle explained, it’s one of their favorites. “We asked all the students to divide into groups of four and design their own long rope routine. It’s been a huge success physically, but also allows for creativity, team building and cooperation. So, it’s wonderful to see all of those skills working together in the PE class. And most importantly, the kids are having fun, being active and learning alongside their classmates.”

IMG_2774A couple months ago, Peter Cribb (CATCH Master Trainer and Program Director) re-visited Guymon and reported back on the great work the teachers and kids are doing to implement CATCH. It was a great check in and motivator and as Michelle says, “Peter ignited us. He gave us a boost of energy and we now are taking it to the next level. It was a sensational support to have him visit!” Since then, they have organized a survey with all junior high students about the cafeteria and the food that’s being served. Following this survey, Michelle reports that it created an “Ah-ha moment. The survey and feedback truly opened up a conversation with the food director so much so that we have – together – made specific changes for next school year’s cafeteria menu and involved the kids along the way. It was an amazing moment to get that going.”

IMG_20160225_143710191Additionally, earlier this year Michelle was invited by the Oklahoma Panhandle State University to serve as a guest speaker for their PE course and speak with the university students about the CATCH program and impact the curriculum is having in her school. Michelle excitedly notes: “I brought all of the Go, Slow and Woah curriculum to showcase as a great tool to use when teaching kids about the foods they eat.” She also provided hand-outs and explained the ethos behind CATCH to a very receptive audience of future teachers.

As the Guymon School District ends their 2015-2016 school year, we’re thrilled to report on the fantastic impact the CATCH curriculum is having in the schools and most importantly, on the future health of young students in Oklahoma. As well, Michelle and the entire Guymon team is looking forward to reviewing all materials throughout the summer and creating new goals and plans for next year, as well as review the data results pre-post CATCH implementation.

So, with that, congrats to Guymon Junior High School – teachers, students and administration. Enjoy your summer – continue to eat healthy, keep moving and stay active!