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June 9, 2016

Our friends in Missoula, MT just completed their 2016 CATCH Health Fair. Close to 800 kids and 45 volunteers in two days! Check out these awesome photos from this big event in a city with a truly Coordinated Approach To Child Health.

Arriving Buses

St Patrick’s Hospital is a leader in implementing the CATCH program across Missoula.

Check Pulse

Children get a cardiovascular health lesson at the fair.
 Eat Smart Taste Test

Check out the most popular booth picture of kids tasting beet cake made with applesauce, lentil pumpkin hummus with carrots and kale chips all made by our Missoula county public school food service CATCH program.

Eat Smart

Children participate in an Eat Smart lesson!

Hearty Heart is one of our CATCH characters! Look at him high fiving these kids for a good day’s work.

Hearty Heart inside the rope artery

Getting in their Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity!

Hearty Heart joins the rest of the volunteers for a team photo. CATCH activity days are always made possible by members of a community, and we here at CATCH celebrate these champions!


Our school food corp rep Amy Harvey did a stellar job teaching kids about Go, Slow, and Whoa foods.