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July 7, 2015

During the past school year, CATCH collaborated with  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to provide all twelve elementary and middle schools in Los Fresnos CISD (Texas) materials to become CATCH schools. As part of the project, all school faculty attended implementation workshops and booster trainings and schools received CATCH Activity Boxes and Coordination Kits. In addition, project leaders from the CATCH Global Foundation worked with CATCH teams at each school throughout the project.

Initial findings from the Los Fresnos CATCH Project show that:

  • More P.E. class time was devoted to moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activities at the end of the project as compared to the beginning.
  • Students in P.E. received more encouragement to engage in activity and more praise for engagement from P.E. teachers after teachers were trained in CATCH philosophies.
  • The CATCH Program is able to positively impact the culture of P.E. classes so that students get more health-promoting levels of activity and more enjoyment out of being active.
Photo from Laureles CATCH Fitness Day

Check back for more results from the Los Fresnos CATCH Project!