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July 24, 2023

“It is my biggest delight when kids come to me and tell me something I taught them that changed their life for the better.”

In Bee’s Words…

My name is Bee Moser and I’m the senior SNAP-Ed New York nutritionist for the Hudson Valley team. Working with youth throughout my career has always been the most rewarding part. Right out of university, I was invited to teach nutrition at a high school for future athletes and was hooked. I saw how fascinating and helpful this topic was for youth and I haven’t stopped working with kids since then. Reaching kids early on means I can start introducing healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime. I strive to support them in their quest to being and feeling their best by emphasizing the importance of being active and making healthier choices when it comes to choosing a meal, snack, or drink.

Being a part in shaping kids’ lives and futures is one of my biggest rewards. My heart smiles when I meet kids a year or so after I’ve taught them about healthy nutrition and they come up and tell me they’re still drinking water or eating more fruits and vegetables. It is then that I realize that they changed a behavior because I was in their classroom or after school program. This is very rewarding and I’m very grateful for my job when I get this feedback from my students. Nothing feels better than helping someone live healthier.

Kids are willing to learn when something is fun and lots of engaging activities are presented. The CATCH program not only offers great and easy to teach curricula, but it also has some of the most fun games. I even keep a list titled “Best CATCH Games” in my notepad on my phone. It’s not only the kids that are having fun, but also the staff and myself usually join in and play. CATCH is all about play and making it the most fun for everyone. They even offer specialized trainings for differently abled youth, which is so important and dear to my heart. CATCH also has up to date tools and resources available. It’s for sure the site I go to the most. I want to shout out Shana Green from CATCH who is always there for me and supports SNAP-Ed in everything we do.

With all that Bee does to advocate for children’s well-being, what does she do to support her own physical and mental well-being?

There is not a day that goes by without moving my body in some way, shape, or form. I just feel better when I’ve started the day with some exercises. I’m a runner, but also do yoga and strength training to complement the running. As for self-care, I meditate, work in my garden, go outside and enjoy nature – sometimes just standing still and listening to what nature offers. I also have a gratitude journal because a good friend gave me such a nice notebook that needed a special purpose.

Final words of encouragement and inspiration to other educators…

Focusing on getting the kids to move, even only for a short time, and motivating them to eat more fruits and veggies as well as drinking water will change their behavior for the better. Lead by example because you’re their role model, and they look up to you! Your smile might be the only smile they see the whole day!