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May 22, 2023

H-E-B commits to help every community they serve

“I do it for the kids – our future.
It’s definitely not an easy job, but the joy of making a
difference in a child’s life makes it worth it. I am blessed!”
-Amanda Deason, Registered District Nurse

Once a bulldog, always a bulldog. This sentiment reflects the compassionate community that the citizens of Carthage, Texas have created through their collective time spent at Carthage Independent School District (CISD). Coined as the friendliest spot in the world, the city of Carthage has a population of 6,583 with just under half being a student or staff member of CISD. Each school in the district is a place where students and staff spend a majority of their waking hours each year, and they choose to use this opportunity to empower one another to flourish in both health and well-being.

Amanda Deason, Registered District Nurse, says, “I have been in my position for 10 years. The very first set of second graders that I cared for 10 years ago are graduating in a few short weeks. It’s so bittersweet to see how much we have learned in all of those years. I do it for the kids – our future. It’s definitely not an easy job, but the joy of making a difference in a child’s life makes it worth it. I am blessed!”

In her position, Amanda has the unique opportunity to interact with all members of the CISD community including staff members and families as she supports and manages the health and well-being of students. Amanda invites the CISD community to intertwine deeply with what it means to be healthy by also serving as part of the School Health Advisory Council.

The School Health Advisory Council organizes health-related messaging and events for the district at-large. Through the council, Amanda has helped coordinate many events including substance prevention and “Go Red Day”, which focuses on heart health education. This year on “Go Red Day”, Amanda sent emails to teachers with videos and other educational materials to share with students of how stress affects the heart. She infused language from the CATCH program to emphasize how the health of the mind, heart, and body all work together.

Although Amanda’s position calls for what she explains as a “more medical approach to health”, she explains that she enjoys pulling information from the CATCH program to create and share educational messages and incorporate them within the whole district. Amanda finds it important for children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle “so they can live their lives to the full potential”.

In addition to the amazing support and guidance provided to students by Amanda and her CISD colleagues, is the unyielding commitment of H-E-B, the Texas-based supermarket with a century-long presence in the state as a family business with a “passion and commitment to help every community we serve”.

As the title sponsor of the CATCH Rural Texas initiative, H-E-B is making it possible for more children to live their lives to their full potential through a generous 3 year donation to CATCH Global Foundation. This contribution allows CATCH to provide up to 10 rural Texas school campuses per year with their choice of CATCH’s signature Whole Child health programs or movement-based social-emotional learning program, SEL Journeys.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity they’ve given us to make the kids’ health and well-being improve,” Amanda says in regards to H-E-B.

Amanda passionately shared her excitement for her district’s plans to further integrate the CATCH program this upcoming school year due in part to H-E-B’s support, as well as expand the overarching community’s connection to health and well-being.

“Next year, I would like to incorporate a 10-minute brain break and get students up and dancing throughout the day,” said Amanda.

We are thankful to CATCH Champions such as Amanda, CISD, and H-E-B for their unyielding commitment to foster healthy schools and communities. To join in their efforts, we invite you to make a donation to help more kids lead healthier lifestyles, making a big impact on their physical, mental and social well-being.