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April 12, 2023

Angie Armendariz,
Elementary Physical Education Teacher
Ysleta ISD

“I get the community involved by educating them in the importance of movement and the health benefits through their children. I present my lessons to students during class time, and get them excited to share at home.”

Together, let’s celebrate Angie Armendariz this month! Residing in El Paso, Texas, the second-largest city in the southwestern United States, Angie is making great strides in emphasizing the importance of health and well-being, and championing it to the young “Healthy Hawks” of Constance Hulbert Elementary School.

Angie’s strong passion for health and well-being extends through her remarkable 34 years of teaching physical education, which has fostered a community where not only students can thrive and feel empowered to be a Healthy Hawk, but their families and the school staff of Ysleta ISD can too.

A key aspect in propelling momentum forward for a community to embody principles like health and well-being is by spreading the word. Creating continuous open lines of communication with an intention that is lighthearted, fun, and meets each person’s journey invites community connection.

Angie chooses to step into this position of communication for her community by sending a personal newsletter to school staff, surrounding middle and high schools, school board representatives, district associate superintendents and local media about her and her students’ exercise and nutrition events while also encouraging them to join in on the fun! Angie’s health events incorporate CATCH’s components of mind, heart, and body. Events are fun, activate connection to one’s self and one another, and ultimately provide valuable information on building positive healthy habits.

Through these fun learning events, Angie cultivates a deeper resonance with her students by moving them from knowledge acquisition into behavior acquisition, this being the ultimate goal of health and physical education. As Angie’s students acquire healthy behaviors, at school, she encourages them to further explore and prioritize their health and well-being on their own. Through her encouragement she has witnessed a positive shift in behavior within her community.

Angie shares that a favorite memory in her teaching journey has been a student and parent “CATCH Go, Slow and Whoa” nutrition night. She said, “We had shopping Go, Slow, Whoa relay races where parents and students shopped for food bean bags and placed them in the correct categories. We had parents scoop spoons of sugar into a cup of water that would be the equivalent to one soda beverage. Then students and parents went down a taste test assembly line of healthy snacks. Parents that night learned so much about nutrition, exercise and healthy food preparation. Plus, the fun they had learning with their children was unforgettable.”

When Angie is not actively involving the community in a fun health event, she is using social media. On Twitter, Angie encourages healthy behaviors by celebrating Healthy Hawks’ milestones and sharing her favorite teaching activities. Angie shares, “My social media journey started a little later in life. Yet this goes to show that it’s never too late to learn something new. My inspiration to continue posting is because I like to show everyone that kids, students, families and communities and even adults love learning. The posts give students, people, schools, families and districts recognition and the stardom light that they deserve.”

We thank Angie for her collective 34 years of teaching and supporting students to acquire healthy behaviors that will propel them forward in all aspects of life, as well as inspiring the CATCH community at large! For more inspiration, positivity, and connection, follow Angie at @AngieArmendari3.