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December 15, 2022

Kenneth Hernandez
Coordinator of Health & Physical Education
Aldine ISD

“When students hear a message consistently and when they hear it tied with healthy habits, change is made.”
– Kenneth Hernandez

As an educator and school administrator, Kenneth Hernandez knows for a fact that students look up to him.

Because of this, he remains conscious of the foods and drinks he consumes at school and works to model the positive health behaviors that he wants students to adopt.

“If students saw me bring a pizza in, they would say, ‘Hey! Aren’t you a coach?’” he said. Kenneth’s response to them always aligns with CATCH’s GO-SLOW-WHOA food technique. “When students hear a message consistently and when they hear it tied with healthy habits [and behavior], change is made.”

At CATCH, we know this is true, and over the past 30 years we have seen time and again through our programs’ impact that when schools come together to focus on health, everything changes.

That’s why we are humbled to work alongside our school champions, like Kenneth, to help all children lead healthier lives by providing science-based programs addressing physical activity, nutrition, emotional wellness, and more.

Decades of research on CATCH’s impact shows that when children have access to programs addressing their physical and emotional health, they feel better, learn better, and develop positive behaviors that help prevent future health issues.

Recently, Kenneth moved into an administrative role with his Houston-area district, and he now oversees 300 P.E. teachers across 84 campuses. He knows how important it is for educators to be champions of healthy behavior to their students.

“What actual steps can we take to build daily healthy habits? When you go to bed it’s not about all of your life’s wishes and desires. It’s about what you did today to help yourself…if you’re helping yourself then you’re helping others.”

As a nonprofit foundation, much of the work we do at CATCH is made possible by the support of our generous friends and donors.

This holiday season, we hope that you will join us in being a champion for students and educators, like Kenneth. Your gift will provide schools with access to the programs needed to help their students create and sustain healthy habits for their well-being.

Please consider a donation to CATCH today to help us achieve our mission. Together, we can be a community of champions, giving kids the gift of healthy habits that sustains them in their minds, hearts, and bodies.