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March 10, 2023

Francina Hollingsworth,
Curriculum Implementation Coach K-12 Health and Physical Education Houston ISD

This month, join us as we celebrate Francina Hollingsworth! With a collective 23 years of experience in teaching health and physical education in both Louisiana and Texas, Francina draws on CATCH resources and her personal inspirations to support her passion for school and teacher wellness.

A Special Teaching Memory of Francina’s

“A fellow female teacher/coach and I decided to have a slumber party to celebrate our Girls’ Basketball team! A Friday night celebration resulted in a whole weekend empowerment retreat. Many of the girls came from single father multi-sibling households. Needless to say, they talked us into having another weekend at the end of that school year.”

As a former health and physical education teacher, Francina now works as a Curriculum Implementation Coach for K-12 Health and Physical Education at Houston ISD. In her important role, Francina has the opportunity to support both veteran and novel teachers in building their capacity and connection with one another. Through the support of CATCH, in addition to her own efforts, Francina has witnessed the power of collaboration.

Francina says, “CATCH personnel have created an opportunity for Houston area health and physical education administrators to attend collaborative meetings. I appreciate the dialogue and solution-oriented thinking these meetings offer.”

Dialogue and collaboration are pivotal outlets of bringing positive change into the world. Francina is inspired to invite dialogue on a larger scale by collaborating with the broader network of hardworking individuals in the health and physical education community on social media.

Francina explains, “Being a part of a positive online space with other educators from around the world has connected me with individuals that hold the same core values in education and life: teamwork, openness, stewardship, passion, and hard-work.”

Since 2016, Francina has beautifully expressed her passion for education on Twitter by supporting and motivating her community of followers in their journey of teaching and managing their own health and well-being. Francina stays inspired to continue educating youth and share her experiences through the deep connections she makes within her school and community.

Francina’s efforts along with her special teaching memory can remind us that being connected in community and empowering one another can indefinitely change our lives in a positive way. We thank Francina for sharing her experiences and passions with us, and inspiring the CATCH community at large! For more inspiration, positivity, and connection, follow Francina at @GurlsGettingFit!