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April 15, 2021

CATCH My Breath Video Lessons
Evidence-based vaping prevention education, in-class or from home.

Implementing CATCH My Breath is now easier than ever.

These engaging video lessons, led by CATCH My Breath staff, include on-screen slides, activity prompts, and companion worksheets. Designed for synchronous or asynchronous learning environments, we provide two delivery formats to give teachers optimal flexibility.

Video lessons come with full access to the CATCH My Breath program, including teacher and parent resources.

Evidence-Based Program
Closed Captions
Student Worksheets
Reflection & Goal Setting Exercises
Refusal Skill & Exit Strategy Practice
Asynchronous or Synchronous Learning

Purchase Options
Middle School
Video Lesson Bundle
/ school / year
8 videos (6th grade + 7/8 grade);
2 streaming formats
Accompanying student worksheets
CATCH My Breath Program (including educator materials)

Access Options

Educator Access

Educators can stream videos directly via a account. The video course tile(s) will appear on your user dashboard after purchase.

Student Access

Students can stream videos on their own devices – asynchronously or synchronously – via a student access page (no account required). Instructions for receiving your classroom’s unique student URL are available inside the video course.

Program Feedback
We have seen a decline in referrals and citations and attribute the materials and curriculum in CATCH My Breath in bringing about a reduction in vaping cases.

– Dena M, Campbell County Schools
The CATCH My Breath program is beautifully and logically grounded in Kelman’s social influences model.

– Rosanna Moreno, DNP, Boise State University
This is a well done, much needed, and welcome resource… Thank you for your hard work in this challenging area.

– Molly S, Knox Community Health Coalition
Ease of access. Detailed lesson plans. Designed to fit the typical 40 min period length. Good graphics. And a lot more.

– New River Health Association FQHC
As a community educator with access to a myriad of resources, I find the CATCH Resources to be incredibly current, age-appropriate and informative. I was so excited to stumble across this!

– Council on Addiction Prevention and Education
The curriculum was strategic and the lessons developed in a way that students welcomed the knowledge gained from one lesson to another.

– Saint Joseph Academy
The information provided was very thorough, the instructions for implementing the lessons was very clear, and the support materials for the lessons were teacher and student friendly.

– Episcopal School of Baton Rouge
I find the program very well constructed & easy to use!

– Kimberly H, Blanchard Middle School