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Dr. John Krampitz is a member of the CATCH Texas Training Team, which is made up of master trainers who have years of experience working with schools, after-schools and pre-school organizations in the state. The team is familliar with all of the CATCH communities in Texas and helped implement and provide services to all of the programs.

Dr. John is a 35-year veteran of the health and physical education profession. He has experience at every level of the educational continuum. John is recognized within his profession as an expert on the psychological effects of sport and fitness activities on children’s physical and emotional development.

Starting in 2000 with University of Texas Health Science Center, John has been a national trainer with the CATCH program for the last 13 years.  The CATCH program is the #1 Childhood Obesity Prevention Program in the United States as well as the only research based coordinated school health program.  As founder, owner and the inspiration behind Dr. John’s Sports Center, a licensed child care center in Cedar Park from 2006 to 2013, he set out to create a place in Central Texas that families could rely upon for quality childcare with a focus on nutrition and physical activity. John speaks and trains from first hand experience not only as a Public School Educator, but as a Child Care Director.  As a member of the CATCH team at the University of Texas, he has been instrumental to the development of the CATCH Training model.

Dr. John can be reached at: [email protected]