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Suzanne Van Velson is a Community Consultant for the CATCH Global Foundation. Suzanne works to maintain our partnerships with the programs and communities that use CATCH.

Suzanne lives in Austin, TX with her two daughters. Prior to joining the CATCH team, Suzanne taught 1st grade and K-5 Music for 12 years in Austin, TX. During that time, Suzanne also assisted in Elementary PE where she utilized CATCH and facilitated a CATCH pilot program. As a certified personal trainer, Suzanne established and instructed a campus exercise program to further educate teachers and staff in creating healthy, sustainable lifestyles. Suzanne’s passion is providing our youth with the knowledge and skills to establish healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys spending time outdoors with her two girls, singing in her band, weight lifting, modeling, and cooking healthy meals.