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Start Date 2017


“The combination of movement and social emotional learning is so valuable. My students want to do it every day. I have nothing but positive things to say about it.”

- Ms. Brandon - 1st Grade, Blaine Elementary

“This is really exciting…it’s movement, geography, SEL. It’s a little bit of everything.”

- Ms. Zepeda, 4th grade, Ruiz Elementary

“I was really pleasantly surprised because I wasn’t sure how some kids would react, but I was really happy to see the kids buy into it and find joy through the experience.”

- Ms. O’Neill, 5th grade, Catalyst Circle Rock

“They’re still learning and they don’t really realize that they’re still learning, so that’s the brilliant part of it.”

- Ms. Guzman, 2nd Grade, Ruiz Elementary

“It’s really awesome that they get to use their movement intelligence in a way that pairs with a learning experience, and they are able to get something out of it, doing something that they love”

- Ms. LaRosa, 3rd Grade, Catalyst Circle Rock