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“Harriette fosters student involvement in decision-making, particularly around peer pressure and allows them the opportunity, with information in hand, to extend their voices when they are in difficult social situations.”

- Andrea Schwamb, Assistant Superintendent, Wareham School District

“It has been wonderful having Mrs. Sullivan involved in the program. Our students are engaging in valuable lessons and discussions on an epidemic that is targeting our youth. We need our children to be empowered with facts so that they can say no to unhealthy pressures such as e-cigarettes.”

- Tracie Cote, Principal, Wareham Middle School

“Our [CATCH My Breath breakout] group thinks that people start vaping because they don’t know about the dangerous ingredients and if people knew they wouldn’t start.”

- James McEwan, Student, Wareham Middle School

“A lot of kids are experimenting at this age, and it’s important they have the tools to say ‘no,’ because that’s not going to be offered in other classes.”

- Harriette Sullivan, Health Teacher, Wareham Middle School

“It was a lesson learned to stay away from certain things that aren’t good for you. We learned all about the false advertising and that there is actually nicotine in [these devices.]”

- Kaylee Allen, Student, Wareham Middle School

“It helped me out a lot. I used to vape and smoke weed and now I don’t because I don’t want to get an addiction. And yes, I do think they should have it [health class] so if they’re like me [and] smoke, you can show them why they shouldn’t. This weekend, I was asked to smoke weed but I didn’t, and now I know to say no to smoking.”

- Anonymous Student, Wareham Middle School

CVS Health

CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) is a pharmacy innovation company helping people on their path to better health. Through its 9,700 retail locations, more than 1,100 walk-in medical clinics, a leading pharmacy benefits manager with nearly 90 million plan members, a dedicated senior pharmacy care business serving more than one million patients per year, expanding specialty pharmacy services, and a leading stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, the company enables people, businesses and communities to manage health in more affordable and effective ways. This unique integrated model increases access to quality care, delivers better health outcomes and lowers overall health care costs.

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