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Joey is the Curriculum Director and Training Manager at CATCH Global Foundation. She is a CATCH Master Trainer and has helped initiate successful CATCH projects in school districts and communities of every shape and size around the country. Joey has a background in academic research projects and has been instrumental in the development and testing of multiple CATCH components.

Joey served as the Project Director for the Texas CORD (Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration) Project, which was a CDC-funded study designed to evaluate community-based obesity prevention and treatment programs in Austin and Houston. She also served as Project Director of Lunch is in the Bag, which is a preschool nutrition education project. Joey was also the Project Director for the Dell CATCH Elementary Travis County Project and was intricately involved in facilitating the implementation of CATCH in elementary schools in Travis County.

Additionally, Joey is a CATCH Master Trainer in the CATCH Program, CATCH Early Childhood Program (CEC), and CATCH Kids Club (CKC) Program, and CATCH-MEND Physical Activity Program. She is involved in training school, early childhood, and after-school personnel in CATCH, CEC, and CKC in Texas and across the nation. Joey has been working with the CATCH Program training and assisting schools with the implementation of CATCH for over fifteen years. Prior to joining CATCH, Ms. Walker was an Assistant Athletic Trainer for Women’s Athletics at The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a BS in Kinesiology and Health Education.

Joey received her Master of Public Health from The University of Texas-Houston School of Public Health in 2001.