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November 24, 2015

As we mentioned last week, on December 3, we will be honoring some special CATCH Champions at the Texas Asssociation for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD) conference. Each week between now and then we will be profiling two of our awesome Texas Champions!


MEET: Niselda De Leon, Brownsville ISD Food Service Manager

636Tell us a highlight from your career with the CATCH Program?

In January 2014, I did an oatmeal presentation with a fourth grade class. On January 28, Mr. Cribb, the National Director, visited my campus and was extremely impressed when I spoke about my presentation. He published my presentation in the CATCH Newsletter for February 2014. I consider that the highlight of my career with the Catch Program.

CATCH Champion 2015 NDTell us one piece of advice for parents seeking to create a healthy home environment for their children?

One piece of advice I have always shared with the parents who attend my Catch Meetings is that they can get involved by making healthy snacks with their children, going out and playing ball, and even running or walking with them. Children tend to do what they are taught at home, and these are some things that will motivate their children to be healthy and exercise more.


MEET: Julio C. Araiza, Olmito Elementary CATCH Coordinator

CATCH Champion 15 JA pic 1Tell us a highlight from your career with the CATCH Program?

I would have to say that seeing the change in people’s perception about what living a healthy lifestyle is what it’s all about.  CATCH has helped clear up any misconceptions regarding eating healthy and staying physically fit.  It’s like CATCH has lifted a dark veil over people’s eyes and now they can see that eating healthy is not a “diet,” but a value in understanding nutrition and the benefits that come with it.  

Students and staff have also redefined their need for adequate physical activity and rest during CATCH’s intervention on campus, and its spreading. Most importantly it has elevated my personal health to a new level which has in turn carried over to my family. I will continue to push forward change and not take any steps back.

What’s your favorite CATCH physical Activity?

IMG_20150909_125647860My favorite CATCH activity so far has to be “Automobiles.”  I have been able to use this game and modify it to serve over 75 children at ounce without interruption from PPCD K-3 to 5th grade.  I kept the title of the game the same for K-3 through 2nd but changed it to “Speedway” for 3rd through 5th.  From introduction to end I was able to elevate the difficulty level every other day making sure that interest was never lost. The activity also allowed for a wide variety of terminology use.  If students weren’t driving an automobile or race car they were pedestrians or speedway fans getting rid of Whoa food off the street or race track. 

Tell us one piece of advice for parents seeking to create a healthy home environment for their children?

For parents my only advice would be this: For change to be affective, it has to be genuine. Make the change not just for your children but for yourselves as well.  We have reached this point in our lives were we have to rewrite or relearn what the norm should be for living a healthy lifestyle.  We need to be consistent to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle not just for our children but for the generations to come.