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February 9, 2017

This blog post comes to us from the “UC CalFresh Weekly Update” published by our friends at University of California CalFresh Nutrition Education:

“UC CalFresh Nutrition Educator, Paul Tabarez, has been working closely with teachers at Dogwood Elementary School in Herber, CA to train them in CATCH PE. Prior to the training, Paul modeled CATCH lessons for every class in Dogwood Elementary School. In November 16th and 29th, Paul had 7 periods with 2 teachers/classes per session and took them through a 25-minute CATCH PE lesson. They utilized the MyPlate parachutes, and the students were very happy with the activities!

On November 30th, Paul also trained 28 teachers from Dogwood Elementary School in CATCH PE. It was a 1.5 hour training that consisted of the PowerPoint CATCH K-5 2-hour training slides. The first part of the training included explaining the program, the enrollment form, and review of the slides. Paul then took the teachers through a 20-minute physical activity demo that included Hit the Track, Mingle Mingle, Glue and Stretch, Dragons Tail, and S-Train. The training then reviewed the class management portion of the PowerPoint. After the presentation, the teachers had a chance to look over the Activity Boxes for their grade levels and had a Q&A session. Moving forward, Paul will continue to provide technical assistance for the teachers at Dogwood Elementary School.”