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September 17, 2016

This summer, CATCH was implemented in eight elementary schools in New Orleans’ Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) thanks to an $80,000 charitable grant provided by the Humana Foundation.

The project, called the New Orleans CATCH Coordinated School Health Initiative, is helping to increase physical activity and healthy eating, reduce childhood obesity and promote healthy school and community environments among 4,200 kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

JPPSS recently released a video highlighting the launch ceremony:

“We’re honored to have this opportunity to partner with Humana and the CATCH Foundation, to provide healthier lifestyles for our kids – and also healthy eating habits,” said JPPSS Superintendent, Isaac G. Joseph. “If a child his healthy, he’s more likely to be in school more often than not. If he’s in school more often than not, it has a direct correlation to his or her academic achievement.”

Thank you to Humana and JPPSS for their support of the CATCH program; we look forward to working together to promote a healthier future for New Orleans children!