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Date: February 9th, 2022
Guest: Margot Toppen, VP of Programs at CATCH
Topic: Educators' Club
Duration: 45 minutes

Treat yourself to an energizing break in your day and be among the first to take a peek inside the all-new CATCH Educators’ Club. This new community hub for educators offers content and features designed to nourish your mind, heart, and body. With music, movement, and inspiration from educators like yourself, this is not your ordinary webinar!

During the launch party, you’ll get a VIP tour of this latest offering from CATCH, which includes:

  • Featured resources, ranging from classroom activities and family engagement materials to mental health and self-care resources created with your well-being in mind.
  • Ongoing access to our featured “Dance of the Month” (part of our SEL Journeys program).
  • Opportunities to join meaningful discussions with other educators and CATCH champions via our “Community Buzz” page.
  • Inspiration from like-minded educators in our Partner Spotlight.
  • Free sample lessons and resources from various CATCH program offerings

Club members will also receive:

  • A free email subscription to “Bite Size Wellness” (opt out any time)
  • VIP invitations to various CATCH events and professional learning opportunities throughout the year

The CATCH Educators’ Club is available for FREE to anyone with a account and can be accessed via your CATCH dashboard starting February 1, 2022.