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Date: March 19th, 2014
Guest: Steven Beck, Mckenzie Noda
Topic: Learn how JCC's all across the country have adopted the CATCH Early Childhood program and have made it their own.
Duration: 50 minutes

The partnership between CATCH USA and the Jewish Community Centers of North America started 3 years ago. Since then, forty-one JCCs have been trained in the Discover CATCH program aiming to instill life long healthy habits in the youngest members of our community.

The University of Texas School of Public Health worked with the JCC Association to nurture the CATCH Early Childhood Program to meet the needs of the JCCs. Each JCC has subsequently taken the program and put its own unique stamp on it. Not only has it helped to address the health of our children, it has allowed multiple departments to work together to achieve this initiative.

Join us as we share our story and hear from JCC representatives from across the country.