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Date: April 13th, 2022
Guest: Margot Toppen, Maya Hendricks
Topic: Health Ed Journeys

Members of the CATCH Educators club are invited to be among the first to take a peek at Health Ed Journeys, CATCH Global Foundation’s comprehensive K-8 health education curriculum launching for the 2022-23 school year. Covering national and state-level health standards, Health Ed Journeys offers an upgrade and expansion to CATCH’s family of programs, which are backed by more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles. CATCH has long been a leader in providing evidence-based nutrition, physical activity and substance misuse prevention programming. Health Journeys will add lessons on physical health and hygiene, mental health, violence & injury prevention and safety to the mix.

Health Ed Journeys lessons are designed to offer easy and flexible implementation for teachers in various contexts and environments.

New lesson format includes:
– Clean and clear lesson overview = easy and quick prep for teachers
– Standards-aligned lesson objectives
– Guiding questions to promote critical thinking
– Movement-based activities that foster peer interaction and build self-confidence
– Student-facing content that can be integrated into any standard LMS
– Flexible lessons that can be delivered all in one class period, or broken into shorter segments over multiple days
– Options to break out activities for use in stations or blended learning environments
Interactive formative assessment at the end of each lesson

ADDITIONAL: Over the course of the year, students will build a “My MVP Journey” portfolio in which they set and track goals, and complete summative assessment activities that offer opportunities for student voice and choice.

In this webinar, the CATCH team will walk through a sneak peek of the new product and leave time for participant Q & A. Register today to reserve a front row seat to this special CATCH Educators Club event.

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