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Date: July 28th, 2021
Guest: Joey Walker (VP, Training & Implementation) and Margot Toppen (VP, Programs)
Topic: Whole Child and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)
Duration: 58 minutes

For years, CATCH has set itself apart by offering an evidence-based approach to addressing student nutrition and physical education through a coordinated Whole Child wellness program. Recognizing the urgent need to support students’ mental health and social-emotional development, CATCH has expanded its offerings with the proven SEL Journeys™ program. Developed by EduMotion and now offered exclusively through CATCH, SEL Journeys uses a unique combination of explicit SEL, movement and cultural learning to promote Whole Child wellness.

This is your chance to experience a live demo of the SEL Journeys program and learn how your school can start the year with a focus on supporting students’ individual emotional needs, while also rebuilding peer relationships and a trusting and caring school environment. Find out how SEL Journeys meets the needs of diverse students through it’s inclusive, culture- and identity-affirming approach. CATCH presenters will also share funding ideas for SEL Journeys, in particular how to use federal ESSER funds for programs that support student mental health and well-being.

Download the Presentation Slides (PDF)