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April 10, 2024

Celebrating a Decade of Impact

CATCH was created in the 1980s and later was formed as a nonprofit in 2014. Today on April 10th, as we celebrate a decade of our Foundation's impact, we reflect on the journey that brought us here with appreciation for our founders.

Founder & CEO of CATCH Global Foundation, Duncan Van Dusen, earned his Master's in Public Health from the University of Texas School of Public Health where an important relationship was formed with Dr. Steven Kelder. Today, as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of health programs in schools, we also extend our gratitude to Dr. Kelder for his exceptional leadership in spearheading programs like CATCH My Breath, CATCH Healthy Smiles, CATCH Early Childhood, and CATCH after-school programs.

Together, Duncan and Dr. Kelder’s powerful collaboration has been the cornerstone of our program efforts in reimagining and reinforcing health education to meet the standards and needs of schools across the globe.

CATCH team members and founders, Duncan Van Dusen (second from right) and Dr. Steven Kelder, (right) celebrate CATCH Global Foundation’s 1st year anniversary, marking the 10-year anniversary of health programs in schools.

We also proudly recognize the educators and public health partners from 33 countries, including the United States, who are currently carrying out the vision of CATCH Global Foundation. We could not do this without you. Please enjoy our video.


Check out how these champions are transforming their community as they share the positive impact that CATCH has had on students' health and well-being.