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May 30, 2018

These newly adapted “ Physical Activity Packs” have a selection of the most popular physical activity cards from the various CATCH Activity Boxes, along with instructional materials and, coming this summer, video guides! The Activity Packs are available as 2-year subscriptions for CATCH Early Childhood, CATCH P.E. Grades K-5 (K-2 / 3-5), CATCH P.E. Grades 6-8, and CATCH Kids Club. View a free selection of the new Activity Packs at, and unlock more when you Sign Up to create a free account.

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Advantages of new Activity Packs

  • Affordable 2-year subscriptions
  • Optimized for computers, mobile devices, or tablets
  • Online access for all staff at a site or rec center
  • Selection of most popular activities (~1/2 of each CATCH Activity Box)
  • Instructional video guides and activity demonstrations (CKC available now; additional videos for all packs coming summer 2018!)
  • Easy-to-use online sample activity plans
  • Great on their own or as a companion and extension for the CATCH Activity Boxes