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December 21, 2023

Ealy Elementary in Whitehall, Michigan has been experiencing a transformative shift through the adoption of our Whole Child Guided Journey all thanks to the generous support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. Staff and students are standing as beacons, embodying a vibrant school culture that prioritizes both physical health and mental well-being.

Establishing and sustaining a school culture of health requires shared passion, engagement, conscious role modeling, and decision-making from every staff member of a school community. Educators at Ealy Elementary are taking this initiative head-on in removing barriers to health, and in turn, empowering their students to embrace healthier choices.

Ealy Elementary’s remarkable educators along with School Principal, Ron Bailey, created a video sharing their inspiring, collective journey. Enjoy hearing about their efforts.

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To date, through grant funding provided by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, we have partnered with 48 schools through our Whole Child Guided Journey approach.