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# of Schools 37
# of Kids Served 21000
Project Start 2017


Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation


“[Our children] are the most precious resource that we have. We are in this profession to help kids, not only mentally, but also physically to make sure that they are well fit and well taken care of so that they can make those positive choices for themselves.”

- Yolanda Turbeville, Principal, Raquel Peña Elementary School

“[Brownsville is] very family-oriented, but our family gatherings are to a grill or barbecue [where we] get together and eat. So we’re trying to change that culture.”

- Rose Timmer, Executive Director, Healthy Communities of Brownsville

“In order to change a culture, we really have to start with the kids. It’ll take some time, but I think it’s more promising.”

- Judy Quisenberry, Grants Director, Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation

“[CATCH curriculum] can be a combination of the core subjects with health. It’s interdisciplinary – you’re working with everything together.”

- Mario Gonzalez, P.E. Teacher, Sharp Elementary School

“I think the most important thing is having everybody work together, so we get the same message across to all of the students and they all know what we’re talking about, from P.E. to the classroom to the cafeteria.”

- Emmanuel Vasquez, P.E. Teacher, Raquel Peña Elementary School

“The [CATCH] lessons are really easy where it doesn’t take a lot of pre-planning. You can basically just take it out, look at it real quickly, put it under the projector, and then incorporate a quick CATCH activity.”


Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation

The Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation invests in and serves as a catalyst for ideas, partnerships, medical education, research and programs that improve the health and quality of life in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through improving their education, health and family economic stability.

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