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“We are very proud to be a CATCH school [and] our students are very excited to do the food tastings. I can say without reservation we have seen an increase in the number of fresh fruits and vegetables that our students have eaten and taken willingly in the cafeteria.”

- Kyle Bower, Superintendent, Glenn Curtiss Central Schools

“During a CATCH cooking class, 15 youth participants were invited to taste our 5-minute Brussels sprouts, which were simply Brussels sprouts sautéed with cranberries. We overheard kids say, ‘It was fast to prepare!’ and ‘I didn’t think I would like it!'”

- Iluminada Vilca, Monroe County

“During our CATCH classes, students shared about how they tried new ideas at home with their families. One girl said ‘my little sister drinks more water because I do.’ Another said, he ‘reads the label on his cereal boxes so he can see what is in it.'”

- Michelle Weiler, Monroe County

“Newfield Elementary School students read Team Nutrition’s, The Two Bite Club together, which encouraged them to try foods from each food group, by eating just 2 bites. After tasting lentil soup, some students shouted, ‘I’m part of the 10-bite club!'”

- Maggie Szpak, Tompkins County

“This is a great GO snack and I can’t wait to make it at home! I learned that if I eat more GO snacks, I will have more energy and be healthier.”

- Connor, Student

“When healthy food choices and physical activity are integrated into the school, healthy behaviors follow.”

- Justine Cobb, Senior Nutritionist, Finger Lakes Eat Smart NY

“We’ve been able to bring the CATCH program into the cafeteria by incorporating different foods and different instructions throughout the cafeteria that the kids are actually learning in the classroom.”

- Donna Riviello, Food Service Director, Hendy Elementary School