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The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey


New Jersey YMCA State Alliance


“When you break it down into Go-Slow-and-Whoa, [children] can start to recognize it at a really early age, and that starts to travel through the family and impact the parents.”

- Sue Cornell, Program Director, Healthy U

“We are here for healthy living, for youth development, for social responsibility, and Healthy U fits into all of those components.”

- Lisa Yanez, Child Development Director, YMCA Eastern Union County Five Points Branch

“We wanted something that would really be more wholistic in its approach so people would [recognize it] as the Horizon and YMCA’s program to combat childhood obesity and improve the health and well-being of New Jersey families.”

- Jonathan Pearson, Executive Director, Horizon Foundation for New Jersey

“By 2030, in New Jersey, the prediction is that 48% of our adults will be obese. It’s so important to start things now.”

- Mike Johnson, Director of Association Initiatives, YMCA Eastern Union County Five Points Branch

“I’ve been in health and physical education for 20 years and I’ve never seen a program have such an impact on my children. They’re looking to cook with mom and dad now. That really shows us that kids are internalizing these messages for life.”

- Judy LoBianco, Supervisor of PE & Health, South Orange-Maplewood School District

“If we think big, if we work together, what a difference we can all make to help kids, change lives, and maybe to save lives.”

- Rick Gorab, President and CEO, Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey works to improve the health of New Jersey residents by promoting health prevention and education programs across the state.

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