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Date: December 9th, 2014
Guest: Shreela Sharma, Thatianne Moreira, Mike Pomeroy
Duration: 41 minutes

Brighter Bites is a collaborative effort of the Houston Food Bank, Texas Children’s Hospital, University of Texas School of Public Health and KIPP charter schools. The project utilizes CATCH curriculum in Head Starts, schools and summer programs, and increases access to fresh fruit & vegetables among underserved families in Texas. Brighter Bites uses a co-op concept to provide 30 lbs. of fresh produce per family every week for 16 weeks during a school year and 8 weeks in the summer. This is combined with recipe demonstrations, nutrition education for families, and CATCH training and implementation to school staff in some of the most economically disadvantaged schools and neighborhoods in Houston and Dallas. This month’s webinar will describe the Brighter Bites model and how it incorporates CATCH to promote healthier environments both at school and at home.

The presentation slides are available here: