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Health at Home Resources for Parents & Educators Dealing with School Closures
March 18, 2020  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Just like you, we are trying to keep our kids healthy and active in the midst of Coronavirus-related school closures. To help all our families, we’ve set up a Google Classroom to provide free and easy access to several of […]

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CATCH Health at Home Meets Urgent Need for Health Ed During COVID-19 School Closures
January 8, 2020  | By CATCH Global Foundation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 8, 2020 Thousands of parents and educators have signed up to access free health ed lessons and resources from the evidence-based CATCH® Program, as an often-neglected subject finds new relevance amid coronavirus-related school closures. AUSTIN, Texas […]

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CATCH® Partners with Lakeshore Foundation, NCHPAD and Special Olympics International to Launch New CATCH Kids Club Afterschool Inclusion Guide
November 8, 2018  | By CATCH Global Foundation

  Participate in the CATCH Kids Club Inclusion Video Contest for a chance to win prizes to support inclusion in your after school program! Deadline to enter is January 15, 2019. Learn more here. FlagHouse, Inc. and CATCH Global Foundation […]

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Impressive Community-Driven Results from Detroit YMCA’s CATCH After-School Program
November 2, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

It’s been a year since the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit teamed up with the CATCH Global Foundation in October of 2015 to bring evidence-based CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) programming to all YMCA after-school sites in Metro Detroit. The […]

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NEW! CATCH Kids Club Best Practices Guide Available
February 12, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Working in an after-school program implementing CATCH? Our master trainers and some long-time users of CATCH Kids Club have worked together to create a new best practices implementation manual, including tips and information on how to make your CATCH use […]

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Meet the staff of NYC YMCA’s!
November 19, 2015  | By CATCH Global Foundation

November 11, CATCH Program Director Peter Cribb traveled to New York City where, with support from our partners at MD Anderson and FlagHouse, he led the YMCA’s of NYC in CATCH training. We were lucky enough to get interviews with […]

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Detroit YMCAS to Implement CATCH Kids Club – After School Program Curriculum
October 13, 2015  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Project brings scientifically proven physical activity and nutrition education to 1,200 children in an area where youth overweight and obesity are 39% higher than the rest of the country. The YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit today announced that it will collaborate […]

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New Jersey’s “Healthy U” Program brings CATCH to 9 new preschools
May 6, 2015  | By CATCH Global Foundation

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and the New Jersey State YMCA Alliance continue to make an impact with their “Healthy U” program. This month they will kick off CATCH for nine new preschools. Learn more about it from the […]

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CATCH at work: Cortland Homer Afterschool Mentorship Program
January 19, 2015  | By CATCH Global Foundation

At the State University of New York–Cortland, students studying physical education have made use of the CATCH program in order to benefit local youth, and to themselves better understand how to teach health and PE. In 2003, Dr. Timothy Davis […]

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All Texas YMCA Sites to Have Access to CATCH
December 18, 2014  | By CATCH Global Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas—December 18, 2014 – The CATCH Global Foundation and the Texas State Alliance of YMCAs today announced a collaboration to bring the evidence-based CATCH child health program to all of the YMCA sites in Texas that don’t already use […]

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