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What it Means to Feel Good
August 29, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

How the global CATCH Community cares for their health and well-being Our physical, emotional, and mental well-being are deeply interconnected. Prioritizing each facet of our health can support us in flourishing every day. The CATCH Community spreads wide and far […]

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Strong Collaboration and Impact in Kenya
August 29, 2023  | By Eileen Kitrick

Students are becoming more active through physical education We were excited to announce in the spring the official launch of CATCH Kenya, an initiative to bring our evidence-based physical education program, CATCH PE Journeys, to Kenyan schools. Aligned to Kenya’s […]

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Our World Must Move More Mindfully More Often
August 24, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

How physical education is a transformative universal language When we move – magic happens. Well, biologically, what is really happening is a sequence of cellular complex physiological responses. Among many other interactions two important organs of the body act jointly, […]

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Finding Fulfillment in Helping Others, Together
August 22, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

How a Small Team of 3 Empowers Students to Live a Vape Free Life As the saying goes, “The best things take time.” This sentiment resonates in the journeys of Desirae Bloomer, Sonya Davidson, and Dan Vivion – three unique […]

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The Impact of CATCH’s Professional Development Trainings
August 3, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

“I really enjoyed the training. Very interactive and kept us involved. I have a better understanding and don’t feel as overwhelmed when I first looked at the curriculum!” – Participant of CATCH PE Training CATCH’s team of expert trainers provide […]

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See What’s New in Health Ed Journeys!
July 24, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

We strive for continual improvements across all of our program offerings. Here are some recent updates to our K-8 Health Ed Journeys program: Campus Coordination Guidance Each unit introduction now includes easy access to resources designed to reinforce health messages […]

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Meet Bee Moser, A CATCH Champion
July 24, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

“It is my biggest delight when kids come to me and tell me something I taught them that changed their life for the better.” In Bee’s Words… My name is Bee Moser and I’m the senior SNAP-Ed New York nutritionist […]

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At-Home Parent & School Activity
June 26, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

Oral Health Education for Children in Grades K-2 CATCH Healthy Smiles is a free, valuable resource that actively engages parents, teachers and school staff to confidently navigate children’s oral health needs and ultimately impact their overall well-being. Interactive lessons and […]

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Heather Hansen: Empowering Idaho’s Youth to Break Free from Vaping
June 23, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

The Inspiring Efforts of a Public Health Champion in Combating the Youth Vaping Epidemic From dedicated healthcare professionals and passionate educators to concerned parents and community leaders, there is a growing movement that is determined to safeguard the health and […]

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Sun Safety Education for Pre-K to 5th Grade
June 16, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

Ray and the Sunbeatables®: A Sun Safety Curriculum for Pre-K – 1 and Be Sunbeatable™ for grades 2-5, are valuable resources for educators with lessons that are designed to be flexible and easy to incorporate into daily classroom routines. Curriculum […]

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