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Persevering with Creativity & Purpose
December 27, 2023  | By Eileen Kitrick

Physical education teacher, Michael Kier’s, 7th year of implementing CATCH curriculum Michael Kier, a 3rd-5th grade physical education teacher at Brookhollow Elementary in Lufkin, Texas, has passionately championed student health and well-being for nearly ten years and is now embarking […]

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All It Takes is One Leap of Faith
December 27, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

The journey of Hannah Smith, a physical education and wellness leader at Three-Way ISD in Erath County, Texas “Don’t forget your why! Why, you became an educator. Why, you enjoy your field of choice so much. We are always evolving, […]

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Nurturing a Vibrant School Culture of Health and Well-Being at Ealy Elementary
December 21, 2023  | By Eileen Kitrick

Ealy Elementary in Whitehall, Michigan has been experiencing a transformative shift through the adoption of our Whole Child Guided Journey all thanks to the generous support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. Staff and students are standing as beacons, embodying […]

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Idaho’s Youth Are Forging a Healthier Tomorrow
December 13, 2023  | By Eileen Kitrick

With a Strong Community of Hope, Anything is Possible In Idaho, where 1 in 4 youth use e-cigarettes, the urgency for vaping prevention is clear. More than 80 school communities are integrating the CATCH My Breath program into their curriculum […]

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JUUL Lawsuit Settlement
December 1, 2023  | By Eileen Kitrick

Millions of dollars will be distributed to over 1,500 school districts Due to a strong united front by educators and public health advocates, an instrumental milestone has been accomplished for the protection, safety, and well-being of thousands of youth across […]

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West Virginia Educators are Taking a Stand
November 7, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

The youth vaping epidemic is not being ignored Middle and high school youth in West Virginia are reporting a significantly higher rate of e-cigarette use, surpassing the national average. In response, Governor Jim Justice along with public health partners have […]

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Partner Spotlight October 2023
November 1, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

From a Small Town in Colorado: How a community partner implements CATCH Healthy Smiles Meet Kobi VanCleave with Prairie Family Center in Burlington, Colorado who shares her journey with implementing CATCH Healthy Smiles. Tooth decay is currently the most prominent […]

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Empowering Wirt County Youth
October 6, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

Catalyzing Change in West Virginia’s Smallest County Recently, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia and public health partners took a significant stand in addressing youth vaping, launching a statewide anti-vaping campaign (listen to the Governor’s announcement starting at 5:04). Over […]

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What it Means to Feel Good
August 29, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

How the global CATCH Community cares for their health and well-being Our physical, emotional, and mental well-being are deeply interconnected. Prioritizing each facet of our health can support us in flourishing every day. The CATCH Community spreads wide and far […]

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Strong Collaboration and Impact in Kenya
August 29, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

Students are becoming more active through physical education We were excited to announce in the spring the official launch of CATCH Kenya, an initiative to bring our evidence-based physical education program, CATCH PE Journeys, to Kenyan schools. Aligned to Kenya’s […]

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