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We applaud and support the valuable impact of Oklahoma administrators and educators who are doing the important work to prioritize student health, especially at a time when the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of students has to be prioritized. This is particularly relevant given Safe and Healthy Schools legislation, including Maria’s Law (House Bill 1568) and the Health Education Act (Senate Bill 89), which mandates instruction in all Oklahoma schools to address student physical and mental well-being.

Our focus is to provide a strong, collaborative partnership with the tools and resources you need to easily and effectively meet the needs of your students. One such resource is our Health & Physical Education program package that meets Oklahoma education mandates and is proven to create an impact on student well-being. We invite you to explore our program curriculum and learn how your school community can foster and sustain a culture of health and wellness for your students.

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Health & Physical Education Package

Consultation & Free Trial Access

For a consultation and free trial access, we invite you to schedule a time that is most convenient for you with our team member, Amy Moyer, also available at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Impact

Health & Physical Education Oklahoma
CATCH has helped districts of all shapes and sizes not only meet state requirements, but change the lives of their students for the better. CATCH programming and training has been utilized in all 50 states.

What sets us apart is our unique Coordination Kit resource and Whole Child Leadership training. These best-in-class offerings provide school wellness champions and teams with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and resources needed to build and sustain a culture of health at their campus.

In addition to our one-of-a-kind Coordination Kit, we include a family of coordinated instructional resources to support the development of the Whole Child. Take a look at our Curriculum Map to see how the pieces fit together.

The success of a school’s health program is based on a simple truth – when you change the environment, behavior will follow.

Schools implementing CATCH benefit from the following:

  • A coordinated framework to help organize the wellness team’s efforts.
  • A common language for talking about and reinforcing healthy behaviors and mindsets.
  • Ready-made resources for implementing regular and coordinated campus-wide health promotion.
  • Embedded campus-wide anchor activities for Whole Child Wellness.

Program Characteristics

CATCH’s Proven Formula for Effective Health & Physical Education TEKS

  • Focus on student empowerment and intrinsic decision making.
  • Consistent approach across programs (Knowledge + Skill + Environment).
  • Common “language of CATCH” across programs.
  • SEL anchor activities and prompts.
  • Integration of physical activity and health lessons.
  • Family components and resources.

Beyond evidence informed, CATCH is truly evidence-based and has been proven in peer-reviewed studies to:

  • Increase daily physical activity.
  • Reduce daily energy intake from fat.
  • Drive healthy behavior changes that persist 3 years post-implementation.
  • CATCH My Breath is the only evidence-based youth vaping prevention program.

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Alignments | CATCH Health Ed Journeys

Alignments | CATCH PE Journeys

In addition to our fully standards-aligned health and physical education programs, we also offer standard-aligned stand-alone modules for vaping prevention (CATCH My Breath), oral health (CATCH Healthy Smiles), and sun safety (Ray and the Sunbeatables®). The standards content areas addressed by these stand-alone modules are fully met in CATCH Health Ed Journeys.

Health & Physical Education Package

All materials are accessed online via the platform and include a 36-week scope and sequence, multiple options for assessment, and student-facing materials that can be shared to any standard LMS.

The Health & Physical Education package includes:

  • Comprehensive health and physical education curriculum with customizations based on specific school needs (see Free Trial to review content).
  • Start Your CATCH Journey virtual training (for district group).
  • CATCH Coordination Kit.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration with district systems or third-party clients (e.g. Clever, Google Classroom, ClassLink, etc.).
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