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# of Schools 15
# of Students 6410
Project Start 2019


CATCH Global Foundation


“The whole child wellness model of CATCH helps us support our students by addressing their needs on a community engagement level and by making physical and nutritional health information accessible.”

- School Social Worker, West Park Elementary

“Calling it a GO food makes it so much easier to remember that it is a healthy [food].”

- Student, Clinton Elementary School

“I love how the CATCH program helped us – teachers and staff – make living a healthy lifestyle part of our school’s culture! We became and are a school that moves and eats healthy!”

- Cynthia Juarez, Literacy Teacher, Sor Juana Elementary

“CATCH inspired some great discussions in our class about healthy living. The best discussions we had were about food choices. The Go, Slow, Whoa framework helped our discussion and student understanding. Students also had fun calculating their heart rates.”

- Math Teacher, West Park Elementary

CATCH Global Foundation

CATCH Global Foundation has funded all of the Whole Child work we have done in CPS to date. Currently, we have a waitlist of 24+ underserved CPS campuses who have indicated a need and desire for CATCH Whole Child programming. To scale this work and reach all schools in need, CATCH is seeking funding partners who can match our investment. To learn more about how you can partner with and support this work, please contact Sarah Andrews at [email protected]

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