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Strong Collaboration and Impact in Kenya
August 29, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

Students are becoming more active through physical education We were excited to announce in the spring the official launch of CATCH Kenya, an initiative to bring our evidence-based physical education program, CATCH PE Journeys, to Kenyan schools. Aligned to Kenya’s […]

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Our World Must Move More Mindfully More Often
August 24, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

How physical education is a transformative universal language When we move – magic happens. Well, biologically, what is really happening is a sequence of cellular complex physiological responses. Among many other interactions two important organs of the body act jointly, […]

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Expanding Our Global Reach
May 23, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

We are excited to announce the official launch of CATCH Kenya, an initiative to bring CATCH’s evidence-based physical education program to Kenyan schools. In April, CATCH and our local partners at Wellness for Greatness hosted a series of training sessions […]

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Empowering Educators in Colombia
May 19, 2023  | By Hannah Gilbert

“Every activity allowed me to gain confidence and feel secure about my performance and also the efforts of my colleagues. This training awakened my interest and motivation.”– Educator from Bogotá, Colombia Our CATCH Colombia team continues to expand its reach […]

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Now Enrolling Bogotá Area Schools for CATCH PE
October 22, 2021  | By CATCH Global Foundation

Thanks to a generous donation, CATCH Global Foundation is offering its evidence-based physical education curriculum and training to 20 Bogotá area schools during 2021-23. Participating schools will implement CATCH PE in grades 1-4. Both private and public schools are invited […]

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CATCH in Ecuador: “Concerned to Support the Healthy Nutrition of our Students”
March 7, 2017  | By CATCH Global Foundation

See below for a translated update from the Torremar community in Ecuador and their involvement with CATCH, including a photo gallery. (Original post in Spanish here.) “Several members of the Torremar community including teachers and a doctor received a nutrition training sponsored by […]

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National Nutrition Month Updates – Nutrition Education in Schools
March 31, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

CATCH’s Cuenca, Ecuador Liason Rose Jennings writes again on her experience in Ecuador, this time with a nutrition focus for National Nutrition Month! Although Ecuador does not celebrate National Nutrition Month as we do in the United States, I am […]

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CATCH in Ecuador: Phase 2 training and more!
February 15, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

CATCH returned to Cuenca, Ecuador in early February in order to expand our CATCH program there from 7 to 28 schools! Trainers Kathy Chichester (Flaghouse, Inc) and Julio Araiza (Los Fresnos CISD) traveled to Cuenca with the full support of […]

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Segunda Fase del proyecto alimentación nutritiva en escolares
February 9, 2016  | By CATCH Global Foundation

La Fundación CEDEI junto con CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) Global Foundation han organizado una capacitación dirigida a docentes de 28 escuelas de Cuenca. Los talleres se impartirán los días 10, 11 y 12 de febrero. La jornada incluye una […]

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CATCH in Ecuador!
September 17, 2015  | By CATCH Global Foundation

The week of September 7th, a team consisting of CATCH Global Foundation Executive Director Duncan Van Dusen, Program Director Peter Cribb, and CATCH researcher/eloquent speaker of Spanish Dr. Andrew Springer traveled to Cuenca, Ecuador to implement our first full Spanish […]

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