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One of the ways in which CATCH supports child health is through nutritional coordination with school lunchrooms and other food providers.

girls+eating+cucumberCATCH impresses on students key lessons about the nutritional value of various food groups. CATCH uses a stoplight model to break foods out into three groups: GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods. The goal is to eat more GO foods than SLOW foods, and to eat WHOA foods only in very small amounts. GO describes foods that are whole grain, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, lowest in fat, contain no added sugar, and can be eaten daily. SLOW describes foods that are slightly processed and may have some added salt, fat or sugar. WHOA describes foods that have the highest fat and sugar.

For more on GO-SLOW-WHOA, check out this video from preventionspeaks on Vimeo.

Please note: some items in the video below no longer match current GO-SLOW-WHOA categorizations based on a September 2019 update.

CATCH emphasizes the importance of creating an environment that encourages and supports healthy choices. Cafeterias provide an ideal forum where students learn and practice “eating smart” every day.

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Learn more about our Eat Smart Manual (PDF)

GO-SLOW-WHOA List & Resources

CATCH is a proven partner for SNAP Ed Focus!

CDC “Virtual Healthy School” Cafeteria Standards

The CDC features “GO, SLOW, WHOA” signage in their virtual representation of a healthy school’s cafeteria.

Below is an example of a poster our friends in Dallas ISD use to advertise healthy choices in the cafeteria. Just one of many ways of advertising the GO, SLOW and WHOA concept in your own school or program!

Go Slow Whoa DISD

“I have found that the CATCH “GO, SLOW, WHOA” posters are a dynamic way to illustrate the principals of good nutrition for all ages. I take them to nearly every presentation and health fair that I attend.”

Rebecca S. Morley, CLC, MA
Eat Smart Coordinator
Missoula City-County Health Department


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